Love expressed…

Love appears in so many forms. Today it appeared in the form of a little song, quickly made up and sung off key.

Scott had a two hour delay because of the storm. He was home when I went to wake Becca up and he was near her room. As I opened the door to her room, he quickly stepped up beside me.

We walked in together and spontaneously I started to sing – and old song from when my kids were young. And Scott joined in. Then we launched into a Happy Valentine’s Day song sung to the tune of Happy Birthday. As we did that, Scott walked around the other side of her bed and together we bent down and kissed her.

And then we left her to get ready for the day.

And a thought occurred to me. Never, growing up, had my parents come into my bedroom and sung to me. Scott said that he had never experienced that either.

Yet we just did it. Something we weren’t taught. Later, I realized we’ve done similar things like that with all our kids, over the years. Spontaneously loving them through song or dance or hugs or kisses.

And I thought about how as parents, it seems that our desire is always to give to our kids some elusive thing we didn’t have as children. It’s a desire, older than time itself. Regardless of what our childhoods were like we want more for our children.

But usually that ‘more’ comes in the form of things, or opportunities. Today it came in the form of songs and kisses and two parents, united in their purpose to love on their daughter when the opportunity presented itself.

Some days we feel guilty about the opportunities we pass up to express love to our kids.

Some days, we get it just right.