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Flash Mob at Dawn

I’ve always wanted to experience a flash mob. The kind of thing where you are out somewhere and suddenly people start singing and/or dancing. To experience something like this was even on my bucket list.

Until this morning.

While the sun was still rising, I let my dog out into our backyard. It was much earlier than usual and I went out with her so I could stop her if she started barking.

It was on my back porch stairs that I suddenly found myself in the middle of a flash mob! It started as one voice singing and soon that one was joined by a multitude.

I couldn’t see these singers. They were disguised by the burgeoning green on the trees all around me.

But oh how they could sing!

The first voice I heard was that of a Northern Cardinal and then a House Sparrow chimed in. As if on cue, an American Robin joined them followed by a Song Sparrow. Of course, the Blue Jay waited to make it’s entrance. If the Blue Jay thought it could out sing the others, it was wrong! More and more Song and House Sparrows raised their voices until there was a cacophony of song filling the air.

I’ve always wanted to experience a musical flash mob. This morning I realized that my idea of what that might look like was limited. That limited thinking almost caused me to miss the thrill of experiencing the flash mob that was right outside my door.

I’m crossing, ‘experience a flash mob‘ off my bucket list. I have discovered that each morning I can be surprised by the music all around me. Right outside my door there’s an opportunity to experience a concert where the song list and participants change from day to day but the music never ends!