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Happy Places

Last night I was listening to a meditation app designed to help you fall asleep. As it sought to guide me into a relaxed state it asked a question.

What is your happy place?

I thought for 1/2 a second and couldn’t think of one. I chastised myself and insisted that I think more on this.

And then I saw it. It was a large table with all my kids around it. Son-in-laws and grandbaby all fall under the umbrella of ‘my kids’. Ten of us…together.

We were laughing. Some of us so hard that we were crying. There was no undercurrent of discomfort for my empathetic heart to pick up on. Only enjoyment in each others company.

My heart was happy imagining this. I had discovered my happy place.

This was kind of big deal for me. And here’s why….last month my husband and I went out and purchased a dining room table. For me, it is the first brand new dining room table I have ever owned. We’ve been married a long time. And in that time, including our new one, we’ve now owned 5 dining room tables! Three of them were given to us. One we bought second hand for $250 dollars and used until it fell apart.

But table number 5 was different. We were buying it new. The sticker shock was substantial. After we bought it, I came home and had a bona fide panic attack. My husband and I have always been practical people. We never minded second hand things, if they worked we were fine with them.

But our family has grown. Our table no longer fits us. And that didn’t jive with my image of family times spent together. So we went out and bought a table, that fits all of us with room to grow. I also made sure that it was a beautiful table and one I would not need to replace again.

But beauty often comes with a price tag, literally and figuratively. This was not a table for finger paints or playdoh or hot wheel races. Did I mention we were a practical people, use to second-hand things? With a new grandbaby, this table fit us but we would need to treat it with care. Hmmm. That would be an adjustment.

But I made my peace with it. Because more than anything, I wanted us all to be able to sit around that table.

Then last night, that meditation app asked that question….what is your happy place?

And I realized in that moment, I hadn’t just bought a table. I had invested in my happy place.


A Place of Serenity

Do you have a place you can go to that offers you serenity? A place that as soon as you walk through the door your body relaxes and is filled with a peaceful, calm feeling?

For me, that place is the library.

Every time I enter, I find I have smile on my face.

Row after row of books with colorful spines that cause me to pause, mid-step. So many intriguing titles and pictures that call out to me. I can’t walk by some of them until I have taken them off the shelf, opened them and read a few lines.

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but more often than not, I can. I have extremely good luck at picking out books that I love, by little more than their title and cover picture.

One can find tranquility at the library….as well as peace, understanding, hope and life. It’s all there, in the pages of a book. The library is brimming with opportunities….places to go, things to learn, dreams to dream. As I walk by yet another row of books, I find myself smiling again. This is a place of endless possibilities.

Every time I visit the library, I wonder why I have stayed away so long. Each visit reminds of how this place brings me both relaxation and enjoyment. I’m reminded that getting myself here needs to become something that I make more of a priority.

Do you have a place that you can go to and find serenity, in your life? I’d love to know what or where it is. And if it’s been a while maybe it’s time to seek it out.

If you are looking for me, I’ll be at the library.